Bad Oral Health Fads

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We all know fads come and go and then come and go. We can say the same for fashion. Even now, in 2019, the 80’s style is coming back. We are seeing fanny packs, overalls, crop tops, bright colors, etc. Well, the same goes for oral health fads. Here are a few bad oral health fads from Dr. Elnahass, DDS at Blue Bird Dentistry that you should avoid.




Apple Cider Vinegar 

Over the last few years, we have heard about how apple cider vinegar has a lot of health benefits including drinking it to lose weight, drinking it with a garlic clove good for gut health, rubbing it on your face to prevent acne, plus more. Well, one we have heard is that taking a swig and swishing it around your mouth will help prevent cavities and destroy bad breath. Well, in actuality, apple cider vinegar is highly acidic and it weakens the tooth’s enamel, making them more prone to chipping, breaking, sensitivity, pain, and cavities. We don’t recommend this fad.


Charcoal Toothpaste

This is another fad that has popped up over the last few years. It looks cool. Brush your teeth with this charcoal substance and BAM, instant white teeth. So how does it work? Well, there is no scientific proof that it actually whitens your teeth. As a matter of fact, charcoal is actually a very abrasive substance and scrubbing your teeth with it can actually scrub the enamel off your teeth. Enamel is the hard outer surface layer that protects your teeth against decay. When your enamel erodes, your teeth can start to get stains and even cause more sensitivity. We don’t recommend this fad.


Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling is a fad that came about around 2014. Basically, this technique takes about 1 tbs of coconut oil and swish it around form 20 minutes. This fad is supposed to “pull” out the toxins in your body and mouth, help reverse cavities, and help prevent cavities. Here’s the thing. Once a cavity is formed, you cannot reverse it. You can stop it from growing by going to the dentist. There is also no scientific proof that it actually pulls toxins from your mouth. There have been some who have said that it helped ease their inflamed gums, but it is not proven. Not only is it hard to do for 20 minutes, but you also have to be sure you don’t swallow any of it and when you’re ready to spit, but you also cannot spit it down a drain. We don’t recommend this fad.

Fads are fun because you get to participate in something that is popular or something that everyone is swearing by. Most of the time it is something that you invest money in and then you don’t see the benefit. If there is no proven evidence that something works, we don’t recommend them. If you have questions about any oral health fads, call us at Blue Bird Dentistry in Fredericksburg, VA, and our team will be happy to answer those. If you have cavities or need a cleaning, click now and schedule your appointment!